Let us begin by saying, ‘It’s time to revamp your lock screen.’ 

So is this doable? Can we change them? Is there any benefit of doing that? The answer to all your questions is “Yes, you can, with KLCK”.  

KLCK (Kustom Lock Screen Maker) is a Lock screen creator tool that allows a user to create a lock screen or use existing presets created by other users. To help you cut through the developing process, il0g has created a new Lockscreen called ‘KDisplay’ that is an upgrade over the existing one. A little about KDisplay; it is a minimal-themed Lockscreen that provides you with functionalities that most lock screens don’t. Like, dismissing a notification or having a quick look at them. Not only that, it’s a dark-themed screen that replaces your default notification view while saving your battery consumption. Let us help you with setting up your first custom lock screen.

Before we get started, we will need 3 things in place:

1. KLCK Lock Screen Maker.
2. KLCK Pro Key.
3. KDisplay.
  1. KLCK Lock Screen Maker
  2. KLCK Pro Key (need to purchased)
  3. A KLCK Preset – KDisplay (in this case)

Once you have all these applications installed on your phone, we need to give few permissions for the KLCK app to work.

4. Tap open the above theme in the KDisplay app. It will take you to the KLCK app.
5. Grant the required permissions in the KLCK app.
6. Select the above template.

Open the KLCK app, move ahead with basic permissions. You will have a base template already present. This will take you to the editor screen with a welcome message. You would need to set the toggle on from the left hamburger icon. and then load the preset ‘KDisplay’ – Press Save. 

7.Swipe open the sidebar and turn the ‘Lock screen’ toggle ON.
8. Click on the Save (floppy disk) button on top.
9. Press Fix and grant the additional permissions.

Now, you’ll have to make a few changes to the system-level settings ie. granting the required permissions for the app to run smoothly like notification access, draw overlay, usage stats, etc.

10. Press Allow to let your new lockscreen take touch inputs.
11. Similarly, press fix for the other permissions too.
12. Turn the toggle ON.

If you missed any popup, press the save button again and the missing popup will show up.

13. Press Fix and allow permission.
14. Set the final toggle ON.
15. Lock your phone and get your new lock screen.

Once everything is done, try locking your screen with the power button. 

Voila! You have your custom Lockscreen now. So go ahead and get started with a brand new experience with the new Lock Screen.

For any help or any more guidance, write to us at hello@il0g.com along with your screenshots for better expertise and support.

Stay tuned for the next blog article.

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