Creative Professionals Choosing Macbooks

Why Creative Professionals Chose Macbooks Over Other Laptops?

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This has been the one of the biggest debates in the last two decades. Mac or PC? This debate in our opinion is even bigger than COD vs PUBG, Tarkovsky vs Bergman, Ronaldo vs Messi and Xbox vs Playsation. However, most creative professionals have opted for Macbook over any other laptops. What are the reasons behind this apart from the svelte and immaculate design of macbooks? Well, here they are.

Impact of Adobe on the creative industry.

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Adobe has a software for everything. Photoshop for image manipulation, Illustrator for vector design, Premier Pro for Film and Video Editing, After Effects for Animation, Audition for Music Production and so the list goes on. During its inception, Adobe launched their market-changing softwares on Apple’s Operating System. This is when the industry saw a shift in the market. Professionals moved to Adobe’s ecosystem and thus, onto Apple’s ecosystem. Even today, adobe is a leader in creative softwares worldwide. Brand loyalty was given birth because of this.

Apple OS’s intuitiveness.

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Let’s face it. Creative professionals are not the kind of people who would want to waste any time for DIYs on their machines. They would always opt for fully functional, most convenient and the fastest machine. Apple has always delivered on these three factors. Anybody in the world can get used to a mac’s working within a day, it’s designed to be that convenient. Moreover, the less options a creative has, the less decisions he has to make in order to finally start creating his work. Apple OS is so amazingly per-designed to limit your choices and decisions which seamlessly get your work done.


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Accuracy is the most important aspect in the creative industry. A slight change in the alignment by minute distance, can lead upto a horrible effect on the viewers. A slight off beat tune can immediately turn a lovable song into the most hated one. It’s the accuracy that all macbooks give you that make the creative professionals go bonkers.

Customer Service

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As mentioned above, Creative people cannot waste time on unproductive things. It is a pain for these professionals to get their machines fixed. Their entire work depends on their machines. It is only natural that they’d get restless if their machines are not fixed in time with the same accuracy. Apple has always been revered for its customer service worldwide. It takes care of all the needs and problems of their customers. 

Apple Ecosystem

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It’s 2020. It’s the age of cloud today. However, there are only a handful of cloud computing services that give you exclusively seamless service to boost your productivity. The Apple connects its Mac and iOS devices smoothly. All your files on all your mac and iOS devices are right there with you all the time, as long as you at least have one device on you. It is more convenient to creative professionals, because at times they need to switch from iPad to their Macbooks. (eg. Working on procreate for artistic exploration and then working on the same file in Photoshop for more technical and intricate details.)

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