Customized Macbook vs Off-The-Shelf-Macbook

Imagine Christopher Nolan not being able to shoot the iconic Stadium scene from The Dark Knight Rises, on an IMAX Camera. Would it be as amazing as it looks today?
Imagine what would’ve happened if the guitars never saw the transition from acoustic to Electrical? We’d have never gotten the chance to experience David Gilmour’s riffs from ‘High Hopes’ or the famous 12 stringed ‘Stairway to Heaven’ by the great Jimmy Page. Tools are extremely important today.

The most important tool today, which goes without saying, is the laptop that you use. It literally speaks for you, regardless of the profession you belong to.
The best laptop today is the Macbook. Or is it?
No! The best laptop today, is a Customized Macbook!

Why? Let’s see.

There are 16 types of Base models available in the Market. Sure they get your work done more efficiently than a PC, but is that enough? If you could alter the machine that you’re going to work with for at least the next 4 years, would you rather settle for the machine already available in the Market or would you get it tailored according to your needs?

Needs vary for different professionals. You could be a Photographer who spends a lot of time on colour correction and Image manipulations or a Music Producer for whom the accuracy with which a certain audio file is drawn means everything. You could be a Video producer/ Editor or an Animator, who spends more time waiting for the never ending render time, than the actual process of working. In one case you could need abundance of storage, in another heavy memory to multi-task. You could need a super-fast processor or you could need a GPU for heavy visual creation softwares.  EVERY PROFESSIONAL HAS DIFFERENT NEEDS. Customization of Macbooks, give you complete control over the behavior of your Tool. Complete Control over selecting the RAM, Storage, Processor and the GPU. Base models hamper your productivity in the long run. As they say, ‘You’re really only as good as the tools you use’.  

Invest today in a Customized Macbook.

Do not settle for the Basic.
Build your Macbook, Now!

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