How il0g customizes Macbooks

With the exponential growth in the creative industry in India, there's a dire need for powerful and seamless tools in the market. Be it for freelancers, agencies or enterprises, everyone needs their hands on the best in the best machines and tools. Slowly we've come to realize that MacBooks and Macs aren't the best machines in the world. 'Customized' Macbooks and 'Customized' Macs are the best.
We have brought this opportunity to the countries in which Apple Inc. doesn't provide customization directly but through covert resellers.

Why should you choose il0g?
il0g is a Marketing Agency for Authorized Resellers of Top Tier Apple Products based out of India, aiming to provide Creative and Productivity Tool Solutions to Professionals.
Customization the right Tool according to your needs, can be difficult. Purchasing a Customized Macbook is no less than an investment. An investment that takes care of your work for at least another 5 years. We don’t just take care of your order and shipment. Our work begins way before the purchase. Our team of experts who have been working in the Software and Hardware industry for over 10 years, provide you with a retail experience online, where you can indulge in a conversation with them, either on mail or call, and they help you find your perfect fit.
How does il0g Customize Macbooks and Macs?
We DO NOT customize MacBooks in our office or Warehouse.
Once the order is placed on our platform, we contact our Authorized Resellers and thus the order is redirected to the mothership, Apple Inc. We act as catalysts who enhance your experience by taking care of your payment, orders and the shipment. As it is said, ‘Good things take time’, it takes 4-6 weeks for the machine to get assembled, programmed and sent to the rightful owners after the placing of the order. Your tools are not bulk made. They’re literally tailored according to the iterations that you select on our platform.
The benefit of going through il0g is the end-to-end control over the security of the payment, order, and shipment.

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