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Apple Inc. has always been an Innovation Giant since forever, at least for millennials. It’s been said over and over again how big of a control freak Steve Jobs was. As a result, Apple always stuck to their core philosophy and thus had complete control over the quality that they delivered through its aesthetically super functional products. Having dealt with products for creative professionals all through these years, Macs and Macbooks have redefined the way professionals work today.

 But let’s agree to disagree, shall we? Over the years, people have started acquiring Apple products without the knowledge of choosing the best product for their needs. Creative Professionals, who haven’t been guided by computing professionals to choose which machines satiate their professional needs usually end up buying the wrong products. Moreover, the awareness of having the choice to build customized Macbooks have not been prevalent. This has led to the compute-hungry software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, 3Ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Abode Audition, GarageBand to not work to their maximum potential.

Custom Mac For Creative Professionals - il0g

Today, we are in need of completely customized machines that are tailored according to our needs without compromising on anything. We need what we need. Let’s not let the tools control our way of working. Instead, let’s build our tools in order to comply with our way of working.

custom apple macbook - il0g

As professionals, there is a need to understand the necessities of other professionals.

il0g is a community-driven brand that caters to the needs of the professionals of today, and Game-changers of Tomorrow. il0g is a one-stop-MacBook customization store for your similarly made-to-measure suave personality. We understand the shortcomings of a mediocre tool. Let’s take an oath to never delve into mediocrity. Break away from the ‘Amateurs’. Let our work make a difference too.

Do not settle for the basic. Build your macbook, now!

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