About Us

It all began with one seed of inspiration; Think Different.
They walk amongst us, those who dare to imagine a world beyond the four walls of existence.
And so, they rearrange the bricks to get a better view and breathe.
It's an ode to the misfits and foolish ones who dare to think differently.

We at il0g, believe in the cause of the crazy ones. And even more, in the ways they can empower if those minds tune together. We believe in building a community of such like-minded people. Of building a value we share, a purpose we aspire to achieve, a lifestyle we desire to live and most importantly a discipline that paves a path to achieving all the same.

We believe in the same cause as you do. Which is why you chose to hover around on this page for a little longer. Help us to build this community with like-minded people who understand what it is to be different.

So feel free to drop in your thoughts or maybe just say Hi!
Mail : hello(at)il0g(dot)com
Call/Whats-App : +91 9987776934